Our Youth

Resources for our Youth

Student Financial Assistance
The Student Financial Assistance Program provides assistance to eligible community members who are seeking higher education. This program provides financial support for educational expenses of students enrolled in a university, college, vocational or technical program.

Students must be enrolled full time (12+ credit hours) or part time (less than 12 credit hours) and be a registered voter of the Chinle Chapter. If the student is under 18 years old, the student’s parent must be a current registered voter with the Chinle Chapter. Contact the Chapter Administration Office for details about the application process.
Summer Youth Employment

The Summer Youth Employment Program provides our community’s youth the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through temporary employment and on-the-job training. Youth are placed at work sites around the community where they learn about careers and develop new skills.

Each summer, students are encouraged to apply for the program. Students must be registered voters of Chinle Chapter or have a parent that is a current registered voter of Chinle Chapter if the student is under 18 years old. Contact the Chapter Administration Office for details about the application process.

Youth in Parks

The National Park Service offers a volunteer program for youth to gain experience by providing valuable services for the park. Youth can volunteer their time and talent to gain real work experience.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument seeks volunteers to help with maintenance projects, to help visitors at the park, or to help with field work. During the summer, the park recruits high school students for the Student Conservation Association (SCA) Native American Crew who work, cook and camp in the canyon for 4 to 6 weeks. Read more about the:

Office of Dine’ Youth
The Office of Diné Youth (ODY) is committed to insuring that Navajo Youth under 21 years of age benefit from youth services available to them and that the services be provided in a manner that develops positive attitudes, enhance positive self-image, confidence, maturity, and pride in being a productive member of society. The ODY offers programs for Youth Career Incentive, Recreation, Youth Counseling and High School Preparatory.  Learn more about the Office of Dine’ Youth.
Navajo Nation Scholarship
The Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship and Financial Assistance serves eligible Navajo people and provides students the opportunity to achieve their educational goals. This opportunity is provided as a privilege with the intent that recipients, upon graduation, will return to the Navajo Nation to apply their learning to benefit the continuing development of the Navajo Nation. Learn more about the Navajo Nation Scholarship.
Schools and Colleges
Here is information about our local and surrounding public schools and colleges to help students and parents.