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Chinle is located in Apache County in the northeast corner of Arizona with a resident population of about 5,000 and provides services for more than 8,000 surrounding residents. To learn more about the population, the Chinle Census Data is available.

The Tseyi’ Shopping Center opened in 1981 and features a grocery store, pizzeria, post office, laundromat, and hardware store. In town, there are public schools, gas stations, convenience stores, motels, restaurants, fast food places, colleges, a hospital and several federal, state, and tribal offices.

The Chinle Unified School District provides schools for Kindergarten through 12th grades and boasts over 4,000 students making it one of the largest school districts on the Navajo Nation. There are also branches of two colleges, Dine’ College and Navajo Technical University, to serve residents seeking degrees.

The Chinle Indian Health Service Hospital opened in 1983 and includes a 60 bed facility that serves more than 37,000 patients. The hospital offers primary care, intensive care, general surgery and 24-hour emergency room services.

Convenience & Gas Stations
Motels & Gift Shops
Best Western
Holiday Inn
Thunderbird Lodge
Fast Food & Restaurants
Burger King
Church’s Chicken
Garcia’s Restaurant
Junction Restaurant
Pizza Edge
Thunderbird Cafeteria
Tseyi' Shopping Center
Ace Hardware
Bashas’ Dine’ Market
Chinle Laundromat
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Pizza Edge
Social Security Administration
U.S. Post Office
Wells Fargo
Navajo Tribal Offices
Chinle Chapter Government
Chinle Fire Department
Chinle Veteran’s Office
Navajo Headstart
Navajo Housing Authority
Navajo Nation Department of Workforce Development
Navajo Parks and Recreation Department
Navajo Police Department
Navajo Tribal Utility Authority
Office of Dine’ Youth
Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship and Financial Assistance
Federal & State Offices
Apache County 
Arizona Department of Economic Security
Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles
Arizona Justice of the Peace
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Indian Education
Indian Health Services
National Park Service
Social Security Administration
Canyon de Chelly Elementary School
Chinle Elementary School
Chinle Junior High School
Chinle High School
Dine’ College
Mesa View Elementary School
Navajo Technical University
Other Businesses
BV Tires
Chinle Car Wash
Chinle Nursing Home
Choice Wireless
Coca Cola Bottling Company
Dineh Cooperatives, Inc.
Ferrel Gas
Hi-Tech Windows
Jumbo’s Automotive
Silvercoin Laundromat
Speedy Sales and Services
WNPA Park Store