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Monday to Friday

8:00 am – 11:30 am

1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

The following programs are available to eligible voting members of Chinle Chapter. Assistance is subject to the availability of funds. Detailed information and applications are available at the Chinle Chapter Administration Office during regular business hours. 
  • Housing Discretionary Assistance
  • Public Employment Program
  • Student Financial Assistance
  • Summer Youth Employment Program

Meeting Records
An official written record is taken during public meetings for the community and Chapter Officials. Minutes, agendas and sign-in sheets are available online by year and require a Public Record Disclaimer before accessing these records:

Available Services

The following services are available for the community during service hours only (hours are subject to change). Applicable forms can be picked up and payments can be made in cash at the Administration Office. The Navajo Nation Tax will be applied to all fees. Please contact the Chapter if you have any questions.

Household trash ONLY; must be bagged.

Gallons Cost $
13-15 1.00
30-33 2.00
55 3.00
Truck Load 20.00
Trash Card 20.00
Gallons Cost $
1-10 0.12
11-15 0.18
16-20 0.24
21-30 0.36
31-40 0.42
41-50 0.48
51-60 0.54
61-70 0.60
71-80 0.66
81-90 1.26


Gallons Cost $
91-100 2.46
101-120 2.70
121-160 3.12
161-200 4.92
201-350 6.12
351-500 12.00
501-600 24.00
601-700 26.40
701-800 30.00


Per page = $0.25

   Incoming or Outoing

First Page (including cover sheet) $3.00
Each Additional Page $1.00

Per person = $2.00

Tractor Service Charge Fuel Charge
Plow $25.75/hr $20/hr
Disk $25.75/hr $20/hr
Other $25.75/hr $20/hr
Backhoe Service Charge Fuel Charge
Leveling $25.75/hr $20/hr
Digging $25.75/hr $20/hr
Other $25.75/hr $20/hr
Chapter Facility Usage
  1. Complete and submit form with payment to the Chapter Administration Office.
  2. Please do not request for facility usage waivers.
  3. The facility is unavailable during Federal or Tribal Holidays or holiday weekends.
  4. The use of the facility is limited to five (5) hours.
  5. The use of the facility is subject to a Facility Use Fee of $50.00 plus applicable tax.
  6. The use of the facility after business hours requires a refundable deposit of $39.99. After facility is used, the deposit will be refunded by check payable to the User within 10 business days if agreement is adhered to.
  7. If User does not show 30 minutes after the approved start time, the facility will be closed and 33% of Facility Use Fee will not be refunded.
  8. Please make payment in cash or money order. Personal checks are NOT accepted.