Our Chapter

Chinle Chapter Government

Dr. Rosanna Jumbo-Fitch

President, Elected November 2020

Shawna Claw

Council Delegate, Elected November 2022

Walton Yazzie

Chapter Manager

Colin Tsosie

Chapter Planner

Sandy Beyale

Project Coordinator

The Chinle Chapter Government is a local government that was established under the Navajo Nation on February 14, 1956. It is the 32nd Chapter to be authorized as one of the 110 Navajo Nation Chapters. On December 21, 2010, the Chinle Chapter achieved a milestone by becoming an official Certified Chapter under the Local Governance Act. 

Chinle Chapter is one of the largest chapters on the Navajo Nation with over 3,000 registered voters that serves Chinle and the surrounding communities of Del Muerto, Spider Rock and Valley Store. For more information about the area, an Overview of Chinle Chapter is available. The Chapter offers support programs and initiates community projects to improve the community while operating under the Five Management System (FMS) Policies and Procedures.

Chapter Meetings are held each month for community members to express opinions and concerns to the Chapter Officials, Grazing Representative and Council Delegate. The monthly agenda for community meetings is developed at the Planning Meeting where community members can request to be on the agenda. If an item needs immediate attention, a Special Meeting may be scheduled.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Chinle Chapter Government is to be accountable to its community and constituents in providing high quality service and implementing community initiatives in a responsible, honest, fair, professional, and courteous manner.


Vision Statement

As the HEART of the Navajo Nation, the Vision of the Chinle Chapter Government is to work together to have a self-sustaining and thriving community embodied with:






Cynthia Hunter

Vice President

RoAnn Burbank

Secretary/Treasurer, Elected November 2020

Tishawna Spencer

Administrative Assistant

Delvina Curley

Accounting Clerk

Oscar Bia

Grazing Official